Clonette Dolls’  originated in Ghana during the colonial era and were the first industrially produced doll in Africa. Inspired by traditional woven dolls usually made from wood, grass and fabric these bright dolls are still being made in Ghana today.


*Please note this is not a toy, only for decoration and unsuitable for collectors under 14 years of age*


*There may be variations in colour due to the manufacturing process, some dolls have different colour streaks to back and front and may have some sharp edges during recycling*

White & Purple Stripe Clonette Doll

  • Large white & purple stripe color Clonette Doll - complete your doll collection with this color!


    Perfect as a decorative and collectors item.

    Squeaks when pressed!


    Height: 27 cm


    Please note there may be variations in color due to the recycling process.
    *Some dolls have different color line streaks to back and front*